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Wednesday 1st June

Welcome From Jeff & Robbie Knox

Perhaps the only thing worth saying as an Introductory word is Knox Farms is different, for the simple reason that my wife and I have had the privilege to scour the Simmental countries that are passionate about studbook herds in most countries that are permitted to enter Australia as either embryos or straws of semen.

Most people within the Simmental Australia know of our Website which tells the countries that we have sourced our genetics from.

At a personal level, my specific interest in stud cattle breeding has been the natural tension of the dynamic between what an animal looks like phenotypically and what its pedigree says.

It is this particular fascination that first brought to light as being the first Australian to encourage the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service, together with Mr Ronnie de la Rey of Embrioplus of South Africa, to allow entry of embryos from my mother’s place of birth, South Africa over 100 years ago.

Another point of difference which is obvious to most Simmental breeders in Australia is my willingness on my own to ask Mr Peter Massmann of South Africa, the then Deputy President of the WSF to lobby for a change in the World Simmental Federation’s name to include the now known world body’s name World Simmental and Fleckvieh Federation.

What this points to is I am ‘given’ to try and explore the extremities of possibility. From over 30+ years back, the journey Robbie and Jeff Knox are on now has been planned out ahead, 10+ years is to continue to purchase genetics now that are free from the ‘semex’ type traders and buy our own bulls, heifers and cows in other countries, which was ‘our way’ from all those years ago. Meaning our genetics are unique for the mixing of various country’s Simmentals which is set out so handsomely in Marleen Felius’s now out of print famous book “Cattle Breeders an Encyclopedia”, where Simmental truly is the global breed.